The Manipulation of Black People Online

The Manipulation of Black People Online
  1. Destee
    Brother OldSoul ... absolutely, thank you ... please forgive my delay in responding (just been krazee as per usual) ... I wanted to say too, that we do not have trolls and/or agents here ... I mean ... well, it's a long story ... but all of our Members are Members ... and it's against the rules to call them names ... and ... we ban those who do not abide by our rules (so troll and agent like behavior would be banned, thus not here) ... and no matter what a person might be, if they abide by the rules they are welcome ... okay ... that's some managing 101 stuff ... that I gotta say ... because the bottom line is all are welcome here if they abide by our rules ... I LOVE YOU ... Thank You! ... See you tomorrow in class Lord Will'n ... <3
    Oct 28, 2017
  2. OldSoul
    Destee, please accept my apologies for any misconceptions about Destee being hacked. I did not mean to imply or say we had been hacked. I have no belief that this occurred. I did say that I believe there have been and still are trolls and agents here but I did not mean it to be interpreted as being 'overrun' with them. In fact, it is my firm belief that if there were not such persons here, something would be very wrong.
    As far as what I believe may be happening is that, because the Destee Community is exactly what it appears to be - an independent Black cyber institution that serves as a place where we gather for peaceful sharing, this frightens some people in certain agencies, so they monitor us. They cant believe we simply strive for peace and growth.
    However, I do believe that since this is one the very few entities that exists on a global/international level for Black people, there is a global/international interest in us.
    This is from a recent NEWSWEEK article which gives us some information that I think we should not ignore because we believe its not about us:
    "...My recent field research and experience as a former U.S. government counterterrorism analyst for over a decade offers some suggestions for future U.S. policy in the region:
    Getting Africa advice from the experts: Establish a consortium of experts within academia, former government, and the non-governmental space who can provide expert understanding of the plethora of issues on security issues on Africa in an open atmosphere. In particular, work with Historically Black Colleges and Universities throughout the U.S., who have some of the most insightful and important neutral voices on Africa and can offer a third track of partnership and engagement." This was written by Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, who is the executive director, North America, for Quilliam International, a U.K. counter-extremism organization with offices in North America. He worked as a former counterterrorism analyst for over a decade for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, National Counterterrorism Center and the Department of Homeland Security, analyzing extremist ideology and Africa-specific security issues. Please read between the lines to see where we are in there. This is not to cause fear (because we are fearless! :) ) but to keep us on our toes with open minds.
    Article link:

    The deaths of four elite U.S. soldiers in Niger show that Trump needs to step up on Africa| Opinion

    Militant groups including ISIS and Al-Qaeda are active across Africa.
    Oct 23, 2017
  3. Destee
    Brother OldSoul I have to take exception with some of what was shared today in class, in this video.

    You say that we were hacked during the presidential eletion process and we were not. There is no evidence to support this claim. It did not happen. You and Brother JamesfrmPhilly also talk about us being overrun with trolls and that did not happen either. Yes, we had a troll or two, like we have always had over the 20 years but nothing that required any different handling than they always do. No special measures were taken because no special behavior was seen, again, outside of the occasional banning of a disruptive Member.

    I'm sure there are sites that were paid by Russians, infiltrated, and used for nefarious ends, but it was not us.

    I've been here most every single day for 20 years and maintain this site. I would know better than any, if we were hacked or seeing an uptick in disruptive or strange behavior. Our rules (and caring Members) make it almost impossible for us to be continually used in negative ways.

    Yes, Facebook - the site where many and most black people frequent, owned by whites, admits to being used in this manner - and folk continually go there - but it was not us.

    I must stand in defense of since you included us in this.

    I'm open to the discussion and evidence if there is any.

    Love You!

    Oct 22, 2017