So, you still have some Indian in you?

So, you still have some Indian in you?
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    One of the speakers threw a cold glass of what on the 'exiled' and like minded when he requested that they, "abandon them"...the cherokees that outed them..."just like you abandon the afrikan. You had no problem abandoning the afrikan so why all of a sudden you have a problem abandoning the cherokee. Turn your back on them too"

    One thing that I spoke, that I agree with, is this misguided need to lump everyone together into some gumbo coalition. isn't it ironic that when
    one hears some black social activist, that when they are making some kind of address, you hear "....people of color" or "blacks and browns" etc,
    yet when latino activists' are speaking social/economically/politically, one hardly if ever hear them utter anything along the lines of 'people of color'.
    Latinos speaking to the interest of latinos say something like 'the hispanic community' this or that. In relation: the same can be said about the japanese/chinese/koreans. <<<.Nothing wrong with at. In fact, its quit appropriate.

    It is as if black folk find it rather 'offensive' to state 'black' by itself when dealing with matters concerning the black community.

    Another speaker was reading about how in part it is about money. That this cherokee nation gets govt' money from the u.s. govt'
    and money in the gambling industry totalling 26 billion dollars. They go on to say, as a result of these monies, that more black "freedmen"
    may apply for membership to receive tribal money. Which played a roll in this cherokee nation making its 'constitutional' amendment that
    person must have "cherokee blood" in order to be part of the tribe. But surely some these freedmens have cherokee blood, no?

    In any event, this cherokee nation, has kicked them out and quite frankly, I don't know if it's the u.s. govt' power to much, if anything, about it.

    One day, sooner rather than later afrikan people, it will all "make sense"...
    Aug 30, 2011
  2. Indigo Blues
    I used to have a little indian in me but we broke up now! LOL IT's a JOKE..
    Aug 30, 2011
  3. MsInterpret
    LOL...I just read the title (have yet to watch the video) and reminded me of this conversation I had with an Elder friend last night. He shaved a Mohawk in his head (this man is like 60-something) and he said blacks were the originals to have this, and I said so were Native Americans (which is the politically correct term). He was like, "I got Indian in me!"
    I was like so you get a check for it?
    He was like, No.
    So I said, so then you're not Native American and that means they don't recognize you as it either.
    He was like I haven't taken those steps yet.
    I'm like well they aren't claiming you, so don't claim them.

    The End. (now I'ma watch the vid) =P
    Aug 30, 2011