Ras Kass - Interview With a Vampire

Ras Kass - Interview With a Vampire

Ras Kass:
You want to talk to God? God never sleeps.

Ras Kass: Now what came first, the chicken or the egg?
God: Armageddon.
Ras Kass: A arm a leg a leg a arm a head.
Headin in your direction.
The riddle was the answer to the question.
Born of the flesh, what is perfection

Ras Kass:
Inside my mother's womb,doomed to return to the tomb.
Or was it from the dead I was raised?
All too soon to pay, on judgement day,
Is this beginning or the ending,
Died sinning, still winning, still grinning.
This ending, verdict still pending, born pretending,
Three-hundred billion men, women, and children.
Deja vu, could be I'm dreaming,
But we all ask for divine reason,
While still breathing, and until leaving.
Who?, What?, When? Where?, How?
But most of all why?
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