Rachelle Farrell With Open Arms

Full video of Rachelle Farrell's video, With Open Arms, starring Damascene Pierre Paul.

I heard that she hurt you...she broke your heart
They said that you just broke down and cried (I couldn't believe it, boy)
'Cause you were the lover (Casanova)
God's gift to this world
And no one girl could ever tie you down
At last, the shoe is on the other foot
And I know just what you've been going through
'Cause I'm still here waiting for you!


With open arms
I receive you
Holding my heart in my hand
With open arms
I will relieve you
From every day, in every way that I can
With open arms
With open arms

I know that you're lonely...I'm lonely too
And Lord knows I still really love you
'Cause you are the only, the one and only man for me
And I'm the woman that you need, yes
A million tears would not change my mind
You see, it doesn't matter what you do
I'll be right here waiting for you!

Repeat Chorus
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