this is me too ... when i was permed and stuff! :D
Yannno Sister, You're so beautiful and you got that Tina Turner gene......That fine wine chemistry. You just keep getting more beautiful with time! Not too many of us can pull that one off!:SuN030:

So what's your secret? It must be all that wisdom you're blessed with.

Love you!:heart:

i guess i may have to try to do the job/money thang long enough to get to 'bama!

just "wow", Ma'am!

Thank You for BEing You in all that You Do!
now, what was i gonna do before this picture jumped out at me ... "jumped out at me" .. oh! i must'a been looking in the forum list for something .. maybe if i go back there, i'll remember what i was doing ... just my luck, i'll run across another and have the thought run plumb outa my head again ... :kiss:
Beautiful as ever in the leopard look and flashy smile.....I like !!!!
Now that is the Foxy Ladyyy! See, you can tell by all the attention this page is getting! Notice the aura of confidence she has, just all sweet and stuff, prim and proper, even with the out-fit, the Capricorn still shines through! Gone Girl, with your bad self. She is a Bad Mama Jama, yes she is!

Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
Look at that smile..

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