How To Develop a Super Mind - OldSoul Podcast

How To Develop a Super Mind - OldSoul Podcast
  1. Writeous1
    Sep 20, 2012
  2. Papa
    I enjoyed this. I plan to listen next time.
    Sep 10, 2012
  3. info-moetry
    I had a chance to listen to this late last night and i loved it. I really can't believe brother keita is in here beefin' about a class that brother oldsoul and saying his information is wrong, when there are many threads on the forum where his own info has been called into question, by several members about his own mis-information and he leaves the threads hanging. Yet, he wants to go in on brother oldsouls teachings??? A brother whose been constantly teaching classes since i've been a memeber of this forum!

    And Keita is absolutely WRONG about none of us speaking thru telepathy. He may not KNOW OF ANYONE, but that doesn't mean there are none of us doing it!!
    Sep 10, 2012
  4. Keita Kenyatta
    In all due respect...and without having to even go to science or anything else, tell me; Do you use 100% of your computer at home? about your muscles?...your car, your vocabulary or anything else? No one does.
    Do you use 100% of your car? Always drive at 120MPH with a fully packed trunk and full tank of gas and six passengers? 100% of your muscles? Always running at full speed carrying 100 pounds of weight around your neck?
    I don't see any of us speaking by telepathy, moving objects by our thoughts, bending objects with our mind or starting fires just by thinking about it....and yet these things are proven brain potentials of the mind. Everybody on the earth wants to build a pyramid and you mean to tell me that our using 100% of our brain can't give us the answer?...then something is wrong somewhere. We may want to BELIEVE anything but it doesn't make it true. We think and want to BELIEVE that Adam was here first but every ancient skeleton found has been a woman. We want to believe we're ALL HUMAN but for some reason our people don't have in us what others do. (NEANDERTHAL) We want to believe as men that we are superior but who lives longer, can stand more pain, is more balanced and all else as well as the fact that all life is feminine before anything else???

    100%???....and we can't solve our problems, get or create jobs, keep our children out of prisons or heal ourselves????...100%????.....nah!....not even close!!!
    Sep 10, 2012
  5. Destee
    Brother Keita ... i hope your evidence regarding left / right brain, % of use, dna, strands, etc., is more reliable than that which you are using to determine that Brother OldSoul knew it was you on the line, for i'm sure you're absolutely wrong about that ... making me and no doubt others wonder what else you're wrong about ... thanks for listening and commenting though ... Love You! <3
    Sep 9, 2012
  6. Keita Kenyatta
    As nice as the program was, I am sad to say that at least 60% of the information was incorrect. I tried to reach him on the phone and obviously he knew it was me. However, being that he is in Chi Town, he is there with one of the best MetaPhysics teachers that there is and should have known better. No One use 100% of the mind or brain. Men are indeed left brained and women are right brained. All of this goes back to ancient Kemet. Furthermore, since we are only plugged into 2 of the 12 strands of dna in the brain, what we call JUNK DNA is actually the other 10 strands that we have not tapped into. However, there are methods whereby we can plug the other 10 strands back up that were unplugged. I liked the show but was disappointed by the info and lack of info that he presented and didn't present. If we are going to awaken then it is not a game to be played with and should be properly addressed as such. Peace Out!!!
    Sep 9, 2012
  7. Destee
    Chat Transcript ... (i was late so i only have the text after i came in ... sorry)

    *** (11:46:50):Welcome to the Destee Chat Room.
    Destee says (11:47:03):
    lilpea says to (11:47:17):
    hello oldsoul.....AfrikanLady.....Clyde
    Destee says (11:47:23):
    Brother OldSoul !!!
    AfrikanLady0 says to (11:47:30):
    ((((((Sister Destee))))....hey how you doing?
    Destee says (11:47:35):
    AfrikanLady !!1!
    lilpea says to (11:47:43):
    heyyyyy Destee...te he he...
    Destee says (11:47:44):
    i'm great, thanks ... :)
    Destee says (11:47:56):
    Brother LilPea ... haaaaaaaaaaaay :)
    Destee says (11:48:05):
    Brother Clyde :)
    Destee says (11:49:07):
    sorry i'm late
    Destee says (11:49:10):
    oh gosh
    Destee says (11:49:24):
    thank you for being here and on time
    Destee says (11:49:42):
    cyynjupep ... :)
    Destee says (11:49:45):
    guest :)
    Destee says (11:49:50):
    yesss that was me
    Destee says (11:49:53):
    thank you
    Destee says (11:50:18):
    chess is math you said
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (11:50:59):
    Getting my coffee yall... wait a minute, lol...
    Destee says (11:51:13):
    lol @ wait
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (11:52:49):
    lol... the chat room Destee:)
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (11:54:07):
    Hey African Lady, Destee, lilpea.. Brother oldsoul, guests and strangers... Peace In
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (11:54:46):
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (11:55:31):
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (11:55:56):
    e'er body
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (11:56:05):
    right, right
    Destee says (11:56:13):
    wb brother clyde
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (11:56:16):
    a sphere
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (11:56:46):
    thanks Destee
    cynjupep says to (11:56:49):
    yes hannibel barca
    Destee says (11:56:56):
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (11:57:46):
    Destee says (11:58:18):
    sister river :)
    cynjupep says to (11:58:42):
    african name for hannibel since vowels were not used
    riverfromdestee says to (11:58:53):
    i will get this thing figured out one day
    Destee says (11:58:57):
    Destee says (11:59:02):
    hi cynthia !
    Destee says (11:59:14):
    thanks for calling in !
    riverfromdestee says to (11:59:35):
    Destee says (12:00:26):
    cynjupep says to (12:00:30):
    marvalettes from inkster
    Destee says (12:00:36):
    thanks for joining us charles !
    Destee says (12:01:06):
    welcome guest !
    cynjupep says to (12:02:16):
    hannibel is studied today in milatary schools
    riverfromdestee says to (12:03:08):
    on ships
    AfrikanLady0 says to (12:03:30):
    (((Sister River)))..hey how you doing?
    cynjupep says to (12:04:10):
    once carthage fell romans destroyed the land so that nothing would grow there carthage is a ruin now
    riverfromdestee says to (12:04:34):
    imagine crossing the mountains on elephants
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (12:04:53):
    afk, but listening...
    Destee says (12:05:13):
    awwwww ... brother clyde is playin you in the chat room ... our chat room ... thank you brother clyde :)
    riverfromdestee says to (12:05:57):
    the decision to be permanently conquered is yours to make
    Destee says (12:05:57):
    welcome guests and all !
    Zulile says to (12:09:59):
    hey ((fam))
    AfrikanLady0 says to (12:11:41):
    (((Sis Z))))!!! you doing?
    Zulile says to (12:13:20):
    All good, Sis :) Been a long while - Hope your well!
    Zulile says to (12:13:30):
    *waving at Oldsoul
    Destee says (12:13:36):
    zulile ... welcome !!!
    Zulile says to (12:14:25):
    Destee says (12:15:22):
    Destee says (12:15:58):
    Destee says (12:16:23):
    cynjupep says to (12:17:36):
    see how stupid whites are cave dwellers and they also said the earth was flat
    Destee says (12:17:54):
    yes ... they had to tell themselves things / reasons ... to justify their mistreatment of us
    Destee says (12:18:26):
    anything that makes us not humans
    cynjupep says to (12:18:54):
    zulile greetings
    Destee says (12:19:24):
    i have heard that so much ... talk as if we only use one side or the other
    Zulile says to (12:19:25):
    greetings, Cyn
    cynjupep says to (12:23:02):
    so no back tracing your steps
    riverfromdestee says to (12:24:46):
    are dreams from the super conscious?
    Zulile says to (12:25:56):
    on a mountaintop.. excellent energy
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:27:16):
    greetings to all
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:27:55):
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:29:12):
    tis frequency / vibration
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:29:18):
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:30:09):
    which is also mathematical equation :)
    riverfromdestee says to (12:30:29):
    magic is the art of the mage, music is the art of the muse (thinker)
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:30:47):
    lol ma grandbaby like some rough stuff lol
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:30:54):
    lulling dont work :)
    lilpea says to (12:31:07):
    back.....greetings all that came in...
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:31:25):
    riverfromdestee says to (12:31:38):
    charm u with mick jagger
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:31:38):
    or some Luther
    Destee says (12:31:40):
    sister sekhmet ... :)
    Destee says (12:31:49):
    wb brother lilpea
    Destee says (12:32:12):
    brother king tubbs is in our chat room listening
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:32:13):
    Greets sis destee
    Destee says (12:32:18):
    thank you brother clyde for that again !
    Destee says (12:32:37):
    i've been trying to get him over here
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:32:47):
    DRUM = heartbeat of universe
    Destee says (12:32:48):
    in our chat ... yes
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:32:57):
    DROP THE GREAT hahasha
    Destee says (12:33:00):
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:33:09):
    Britain is enough lol
    Zulile says to (12:33:14):
    Destee says (12:33:15):
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:33:51):
    subconscious is impartial ... all it does is ABSORB ...
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (12:35:04):
    yvw... sister Destee, King Tubbs had problems hearing oldsoul on BlogTalk, but says CrispyChat delivers a powerful sound...
    Destee says (12:35:32):
    YAAAAAAAAAAAY ... okay @ Brother Clyde ... wonderful
    Destee says (12:35:38):
    so glad you're doing that
    riverfromdestee says to (12:35:39):
    we are brilliant
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:35:45):
    (L) @ we are BRILLIANT
    riverfromdestee says to (12:35:53):
    stupendous we are
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:36:02):
    ^5 river
    Destee says (12:36:09):
    uh oh
    Destee says (12:36:11):
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:36:15):
    stepping BOLDLY into our Greatness :)
    Destee says (12:36:17):
    Destee says (12:36:22):
    Destee says (12:36:32):
    yessss siste sekhmet :)
    Destee says (12:36:39):

    Sekhmet_One says to (12:36:47):
    ^5 destee
    Destee says (12:37:11):
    Destee says (12:37:23):

    Black Community Discussion Forum ... one of the oldest - 19 years, and most respectful, online communities for Black People

    Sekhmet_One says to (12:37:56):
    pure genius thats what they had ]
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:38:09):
    riverfromdestee says to (12:38:34):
    they used the brain power that taught computers how to think
    lilpea says to (12:38:43):
    i had to go back to Destee chat to hear u oldsoul.... i can't hear u here either.
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (12:38:58):
    ... 22 minutes remaining...
    Destee says (12:38:59):
    ahhhhh ... okay Brother LilPea
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:39:31):
    dang @ time clyde .,... imma kidnap oldsoul and let him stay longer lol
    Destee says (12:39:35):
    again .... so good brother clyde is doing that ... that we have our own ...
    Destee Voice Chat

    riverfromdestee says to (12:40:10):
    khem mystery
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:40:18):
    right river
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:40:45):
    combining elements known and unknown ;)
    Destee says (12:41:27):
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:41:46):
    riverfromdestee says to (12:41:58):
    africans went to college for forty years. europeans went to college for four years. so of course what the africans knew was a mystery to them
    Destee says (12:42:23):
    i love that information @ mystery schools :)
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:42:46):
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (12:43:29):
    Rote Learning...
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:43:30):
    can learn to start programming subconscious mind ...
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:44:23):
    one method is leave tape on of say a book you wish to read on whilst you sleep ....
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:44:50):
    when you awaken and start to read book ...,,., it will be ..familiar to you as subconscious mind already absorbed it
    Destee says (12:44:57):
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (12:44:59):
    only 16 minutes left to call-in...
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:46:33):
    ^5 oldsoul
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:47:14):
    riverfromdestee says to (12:47:15):
    just like when u tun ur computor off when u turn it back on it will still give the correct date and time
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:47:19):
    like fire alarm
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:48:15):
    Destee says (12:48:32):
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:48:59):
    and its NEVER wrong .. tis a quiet voice which we many a time dismiss ..
    Destee says (12:49:49):
    yes sister sekhmet
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:50:03):
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (12:50:12):
    ... 10 minutes to go ...
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:50:13):
    DANG @ big head lol
    riverfromdestee says to (12:50:13):
    the subconscious mind is your brain's hard drive. your conscious mind is ur brain's RAM
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:50:38):
    ^5 river
    lilpea says to (12:50:39):
    fo sho...lololololol subconcious= protection
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:51:28):
    ^5 try to use the 90% we are taught to be believe is useless @mind
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:51:45):
    dont leave oldsoul
    lilpea says to (12:52:10):
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:52:13):
    Destee says (12:52:15):
    awwwww sister sekhmet :)
    Zulile says to (12:52:20):
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:52:21):
    it rubs off
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:52:22):
    Destee says (12:52:24):
    GREAT CLASS !!!!
    Destee says (12:52:26):
    Destee says (12:52:31):
    you are !!!
    Destee says (12:52:42):
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:53:28):
    you told it not to remember
    cynjupep says to (12:53:28):
    mind over matter
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:53:29):
    Destee says (12:53:29):
    Destee says (12:53:38):
    if you say i can't ... then you won't
    Destee says (12:53:43):
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:53:49):
    lilpea says to (12:53:50):
    <<<<<<<guilty as charged
    Destee says (12:53:59):
    Destee says (12:54:08):
    great great great
    riverfromdestee says to (12:54:11):
    so if u don't mind it doesn't matter
    Destee says (12:54:25):
    sister river :)
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:54:49):
    Destee says (12:54:51):
    wow ... another great class to come ... metaphysics
    Destee says (12:54:54):
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:54:57):
    they were metaphysciansw
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:55:02):
    Destee says (12:55:06):
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:55:17):
    going to get deep lol
    Destee says (12:55:17):
    @ that antiquity voice :)
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:55:22):
    < loving it
    lilpea says to (12:55:28):
    Zulile says to (12:55:40):
    Destee says (12:55:46):
    Destee says (12:55:49):
    Destee says (12:56:01):
    Destee says (12:56:03):
    thank you
    Destee says (12:56:05):
    i'm good
    Destee says (12:56:10):
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:56:13):
    :-* Oldsoul .. if you were nearer i would do it 4 real :)
    Destee says (12:56:16):
    Destee says (12:56:22):
    Destee says (12:56:31):
    no note from me
    Clyde C Coger Jr says to (12:56:40):
    ... Great Class, Peace In Family ... We are: One Step away from Greatness!
    Destee says (12:56:40):
    Destee says (12:56:46):
    ahhhhh ... okay
    Destee says (12:56:50):
    Sister MsDrea
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:56:59):
    clyde being away is never there ;)
    Destee says (12:57:08):
    thoughts and prayers for Sister MsDrea's Family Member !!!
    Destee2633 says to (12:57:14):
    Know Justice, Know Peace, Know Love
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:57:15):
    Tell your mind we be STEPPING ;)
    cynjupep says to (12:57:37):
    nubin noir signing out great day headed to thebeach
    Destee says (12:57:36):
    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ... Thank You Family !!!
    lilpea says to (12:57:37):
    [email protected] Stepping...
    Destee says (12:57:51):
    visit ... brother oldsoul's site

    Sekhmet_One says to (12:57:53):
    healing to sis Drea & Family
    Destee says (12:58:03):
    visit ... :)
    Destee says (12:58:16):
    of course visit and join ...

    Black Community Discussion Forum ... one of the oldest - 19 years, and most respectful, online communities for Black People

    Destee says (12:58:21):
    Sekhmet_One says to (12:58:37):
    Destee says (12:58:44):
    awwww Sister Nubin Noir ... much love and peace !
    AfrikanLady0 says to (12:59:01):
    Jam On!!! Bro SOul!!
    lilpea says to (12:59:08):
    AREBA!!!!!!!.....Chair dancing again...lololo
    Destee says (12:59:15):
    yesss me too
    Destee2633 says to (12:59:17):
    Destee says (12:59:20):
    sway'n da hipzzzzz
    AfrikanLady0 says to (12:59:22):
    AfrikanLady0 says to (12:59:51):
    AfrikanLady0 says to (13:00:11):
    cynjupep says to (13:00:13):
    riverfromdestee says to (13:00:26):
    lilpea says to (13:00:45):
    hope to see u guys back in chat
    Sekhmet_One says to (13:00:47):
    (L)(}) peace to all
    AfrikanLady0 says to (13:01:23):
    ONE LOVE!!! (L)
    Destee says (13:01:26):
    much love and peace family !!! :)
    Sep 9, 2012