Dr Robert Bob Beck Lecture - Suppressed Medical Discovery To Treat All Disease

This is the full version of the Bob Beck Protocol lecture - almost 2h long but full of so much good stuff. This video just had to be immortalised after Bob's...
this 5G video by an ex Vodafone Whistle blower /Christian Pastor, was removed from my channel in YT, due to claimed "breach of Policies,and inappropriate content! So I contested it!

The 5G frequency is said to be the cause of the Covid-19 virus,as the frequency is too strong and the human body can't handle it.
It emits radiation which breaks down the cells in the body,weakening the immune system,causing cell poisoning! You get tested,if your "genetics" or passed on illnesses match their concoction, you're said POSITIVE & you die of natural causes, or a heart attack or prior illness diagnosed by your doctor,you're written off as having died being POSITIVE for Covid-19! and that's what they say killed you!

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