DesteeLive - Is Fat Meat Greasy?!

DesteeLive - Is Fat Meat Greasy?!
  1. Destee
    Yes, it is misleading ... :) ... but it's what was displayed during the actual live broadcast, and during that hour or so, it was true ... :) ... sorry to have confused you.

    Sorry to hear about the illnesses in your Family, and i surely understand how busy it must keep you, and i'm so glad to read you come here to renew and refresh .. YAAAAAAY USSSSS !!!

    But you just let me know Sister ... WHENEVER you got a few minutes to talk ... i'd love to sit and listen ... :)

    I'm ready when you are.

    Love You!
    Mar 22, 2013
  2. butterfly#1
    Oh...that graphic was misleading, darn it. Lol. I certainly will let you know. Lots of sibling illness happening. Like 3 in hospital at one time. Im grateful that the knot at the end of my rope somebody greater than me or man. This is where I come to renew & refresh, when time permits.

    Love you much
    Mar 22, 2013
  3. Destee
    Sister Butterfly#1 ... i just heard the message you left .... awwwwwwww ... you sound so precious! You were saying that you couldn't connect to the live show, but you know we're live 'cause you could hear me right then and there ... lol ... too precious ... well Sister ... you were hearing the recording of the audio we did earlier in the day (yesterday) ... I was only on for about an hour and a half ... and then the live broadcast ended ... the video / audio recording above is of that hour and a half ... :) ... you're so so sweet ... and whenever you have a few minutes ... are ready to talk and stuff ... go live with me ... just let me know and we can do it ... I LOVE YOU ... THANK YOU FOR CALLING IN .... :) ... let me know if you have any more questions ... <3
    Mar 22, 2013
  4. Destee
    Hey Sister Butterfly#1 ... :waving atcha: ... :)

    Our Live Talk Show isn't currently 24 hours yet, so when we're not actually broadcasting live and you call the number, you'll only get the recording. Because we're just starting with this we don't have a full line up of Sisters and Brothers manning the lines, though that is my ultimate hope and goal ... where one could call any time of day and be live on the broadcast.

    Right now it's just me manning the lines, and I only do it every now and again, when I have time to sit with it.

    Because it is ours though, I can start it up any time I want, any time it's convenient for us.

    Sooooooo Sister ... when you wanna talk ??? ... :)

    You tell me when, and I'll schedule us for that time ... then when you call ... I'll answer ... and we'll be on a live broadcast that others can call in on too, and we can all talk and stuff ... :)


    When are you free Sister ... i'll make that time work for me!

    Love You!
    Mar 22, 2013
  5. butterfly#1
    Destee...I hear you, don't know how to access the broadcast from my pho. I called and the recording came on.
    Mar 22, 2013