Acid Massive Musical- KanKick (FULL ALBUM)

Kankick is a hip-hop producer from Oxnard, CA. The Kankick sound is dusty, crunchy and blunted, and just the right tempo to get the proper head nod going. He started out in the science of hip-hop beat making in 1988, as a freshman in high school when he hooked up with Madlib who was a sophomore at the time. Kankick later joined the Lootpack and became the 4th member. In the last decade, he released a slew of instrumental collections that have solidified him as part of the hip-hop underground. It's hard to find an artist that can be experimental yet entirely commonplace, but Kan Kick fits that bill. He uses a standard boom-bap production style that sounds akin to the great '90s beatmakers (Pete Rock, Buckshot, Lord Finesse, Large Professor). This is "Acid Massive Musical" an instrumental album released in 2004, enjoy!
01. Say
02. The West Turn
03. Shore Breezin'
04. Forward Infinity
05. Sun Soul
06. Untitled Theme For An Untitled Soundtrack
07. Government Sessions
08. Be True
09. Osama Bush Laden
10. Untitled 1
11. Hashish Top
12. Quack F**k
13. Citywalk: Broad's Groove
14. Soul Judgement
15. The Killer Pt.2
16. Always Groovin' On The Ship In The Sea
17. Untitled 2
18. Airtime
19. Flyin' Without Wings
20. Chickenhead Reality
21. Worn Master Tapes
22. Daddy Long Loops
23. Drunken Fly Swarm
24. Untitled 3
25. Director For The Untitled Soundtrack
26. Babylonians
27. Rock, Shockin' It
28. Kan, Logic, Biz, Kan
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