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    Is the Solar Eclipse a State of Emergency? — HARVEY, IRMA & MEXICO…, Sep 8, 2017
  1. Chevron Dove

    Is the Solar Eclipse a State of Emergency? — HARVEY, IRMA & MEXICO…

    I think it is amazing that the news reports today do not include the very important chain of reactions that do occur as a result of certain celestial alignments. I absolutely believe in the phenomenon of Global Warming, however, certain other scientific phenomena that do also occur in correlation to the earth should also be highlighted because these kinds of events have a major impact on human life too and our future welfare as well. Has anybody made the connection yet, and correlated a chain of events that have already occurred after THE GREAT AMERICAN TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE? Scientifically speaking, even though these recent phenomena have happened close in time proximity to this eclipse of August 21, 2017, but there has been many other chain-of-reactions as a result of other past significant major events that has been separated by a much wider time scale. As far as recorded history goes within ancient civilizations, for example, the ancient Egyptian priest-scientist have been known to predict great scientific events to occur from one point to the next point and the time period would be as wide as 400 years or more. More specifically, my research shows in one historical event that after the advent of a great star that entered our solar system in ancient times that is, namely, the planet Jupiter, it was predicted [ie. Prophesized] that there would be a great deluge as a result of the star, yet this deluge did not occur until about 600 years after the planet came into orbit. And even though many people dismissed this kind of ideology, one clue to that epochal prediction would be in the mysterious archeological finding during the 4th Dynasty of a boat constructed with no oars. Why did pharaoh Seneferu commission a boat to be built with no oar rings? But however, perhaps because the event was so long in its occurrence, many people dismissed the prediction, of a Great World Flood as being just as ridiculous as some of us believe today; that it never even occurred. Nevertheless, from a scientific perspective, the planet earth is ever changing, moving, rotating, revolving, tilting, and etc. and even though our educational system and scientists downplay certain phenomena, catastrophic events still continue to happen that impacts the balance of human life on a wide scale nonetheless. And although many people may not understand the science that surrounds solar and lunar eclipses and other types of planetary alignments, however, the history that surrounds these events are incredible. I equate eclipses like alarm clocks that prepare us to be able to deal with other earth events that follow, and some of these events that come after some eclipses are minor, but others present a state of emergency indeed.

    Although history has been hidden, it just so happens that about 2000 years ago, certain records and scriptures detail that at one point, there was a GREAT SOLAR ECLIPSE which lasted for about the same amount of time as our recent GREAT AMERICAN SOLAR ECLIPSE, about 3 hours, and specifically at that time, it was also stressed in script that ‘the whole earth experienced’ the eclipse. Like today, the eclipse would have been total and/or partial respectively from a point-of-view but lasted in its entirety for about three (3) hours as the earth moved and rotated on its axis. But what becomes outrageously unique about that scientific eclipse event would be that, although science proves this to be true based upon observation from many perspectives, yet the history of its occurrence has been virtually wiped out in our modern times as being important. Science is observational in one major aspect. And although secular accounts by ancient scribes have been suppressed, however, certain earth phenomena did occur as a chain-of-reaction that does connect to that same great total solar eclipse. The actual scripture pinpoints that ‘the whole earth experienced this total solar eclipse’ at one point and in which mankind all over the earth left behind some kind of eye witnessed record of its happening. This three (3) hour solar eclipse was also well documented in the GOSPEL for, it was the very one that occurred at the time of the CRUCIFIXION of Jesus Christ. So therefore, scientifically speaking, that would mean that the entire earth mass which would include the many Greek Isles, and islands elsewhere were situated not too far away from the earth’s equator. But as a result of the total solar eclipse too, another catastrophic event eventually occurred and it would be this time in point that in turn, confirms the incredible ‘state of emergency’ that total solar eclipse made upon this earth. Based on eye witness recordings during those ancient times, about 400 years later after that eclipse, it was recorded that there was a great earthquake and afterwards, the planet earth plates moved and as a result, the earth split once again, violently, as it did in more ancient times during the Crete-Minoan civilization. Soon and as a result of those series of events that was sparked by such a long eclipse at the time of Jesus, it became recorded that both of the earth poles had mass of which we know today as Artic and Antarctica.

    Think about it— If the sun becomes completely blocked even for a few minutes, our earth will not get the energy from the very sun it relates to as it rotates and revolves, so certainly, if the moon blocks the sun from the earth for about three (3) hours, it could be understood that this would create some kind of imbalance. And other celestial events in relation to these events would also add to the uniqueness. In the ancient GREAT SOLAR ECLIPSE, and at the same exact time, there was also a complete planetary alignment as well, and this alignment occurred previously about thirty years prior to the solar eclipse too. Interestingly, we will experience another planetary alignment reported to occur on September 23, 2017, and there was one in 2002 as well. Also the uniqueness of these celestial events that actually occurred at the time of the millennia during Roman times, could be defined by the unique moon phases and therefore confirmed scientifically even by scientist today. The initial cycle of planetary alignments that occurred about 2000 years ago, did so about three days after A FULL MOON occurred [ie. A waning moon] and at this time too, there was the advent of a new planetary star that also came into orbit to become a part of that great alignment. The prophets record this as the time of the birth of Jesus. Yes, this star is my signature, and my passion! But then about thirty years later, when the planets all lined up again in relation to the sun, the moon marked this great time period as it was A NEW MOON [ie. BLACK MOON; as Black as Sackcloth]. Only a New moon can define a solar eclipse. But a full moon defines a lunar eclipse [ie. RED MOON; AS BLOOD]. Therefore, like our recent GREAT AMERICAN SOLAR ECLIPSE that crossed over North America, the moon was new, in ancient times as well during that GREAT WORLD SOLAR ECLIPSE that marked the Roman Empire times. But today, amazingly and seemingly, our eclipse came to a close silently, with no major scientific event… Oh but No! Even though we are not commonly taught about the earth’s responses to star alignments such as eclipses and planetary ‘eclipses’ [ie. Alignments], however, whether phenomena occur minor or not, the earth does respond significantly when the moon turns the sun light off!

    It just so happened that after the August 21st GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE, the major hurricane that occurred just four (4) days later on August 25, 2017 and that brought devastation to our country in Texas and Louisiana and thereabouts, actually began much earlier than when it moved over our landmass. HURRICAN HARVEY bestirred itself in the Atlantic Ocean almost directly after the solar eclipse, but for some reason, this earth pattern was not highlighted in the news reports. And ever since that immense eclipse has occurred, there has been one unique phenomena to occur after another— a chain reaction. Furthermore, these recent hurricanes are record setting as well. So now, I must brace my own self once again for yet another year, I find myself placed in the very pathway of this next upcoming monster HURRICANE IRMA. Just last year, Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc in my city and now this year, the storm presents itself to me again! WOW! Two major hurricanes this year though, of which have occurred directly after the major eclipse— CATEGORY 4 & 5— back-to-back! Far away on the other side of our planet, the people in the east must strengthen themselves to endure the circumstances of a terrible monsoon! Then I check the news to see another phenomenon that has also just occurred off the coast of Mexico and the news reports a warning that went out of the danger of a possible tsunami as a result of the earthquake that has registered to be 8.1 on the Richter scale. Yet another report rolls in of a Giant Sun Flare! May God help us all on this earth! So I say, yes, we are experiencing ‘a state of emergency’ as a result of THE GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE.

    The earth is ever moving, changing, rotating, revolving, tilting, … and it interacts with other celestial bodies that at times renders our human life to be subjected to great catastrophes sometimes death and total destruction. And sometimes big government has been known to make interventions to meet the need of people that have faced natural devastation but then, there are times in which many people don’t receive any help from the system they have been made to be dependent upon. But one thing is for sure too, history has shown that in times of great global change, and amongst the many bad things to happen naturally or not, or that happen due to violence, hatred and racism, however, there has always been a certain kind of movement of people that has surfaced and improves the quality of life globally despite the odds. When the earth goes through a period of turbulence uncontrolled by mankind, it seems to become a time when humanity seems to be pushed to make hard decisions and sacrifices and there are some who have surfaced in times of trouble to bring about a positive change.


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