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    When Trump Becomes President - What Will it Look Like?, Aug 20, 2017
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      3 days ago ... US military leaders condemn racism after Charlottesville violence ..... The statements are not directly addressing Trump's comments but are instead ... stronger together-it's who we are as #Airmen

    He needs to listen to his Generals, before they stop listen to the commander in chief.

    The military is racist as heck. You have every race, nationality. gender, racist kkk, skin heads, gangs from all sides: Black gang members, white gang members, Mexican gang members, etc. They're all in the military.

    A larg part of the military is managing the racial, gender and racial gangs from infighting on their watch.

    Lil dons remarks would only spark a fire under those kkk, and skin heads in the military.
    Real Generals don't need what Don is peddling.
    The already dealing with race issues. Gender issues. Punishments.
    Their response to don was intended for all the armed forces to ignore the pres racist remarks. Business as usual.
    Watching General Kelly.

    A lil from the military side :)