Me at 28. My thugged out years. <img src="styles/default/xenforo/smilies/laughing.gif"...
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Me at 28. My thugged out years. :lol:
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  2. PurpleMoons
    See thats where you are confused, he is the outcome of a wet dream gone real. He's priorty #1. As my Step-Father would say, "He calls the shots." lol

  3. Clyde C Coger Jr
    Clyde C Coger Jr
    See, thats what I am talking about, how old is bugger? Can he really call the shots? That's why we (bugger and I) are in competition, man! And show some respect, if I cannot mention the word???, neither should you. That is over the top, K. Simply not allowed under these circumstances(if you know exactly what I mean, and if not, ask me, I dare you). If bugger is all that, what am I-:) Please don't answer that here, please!..................Clyde
  4. $$RICH$$
    that the way i like ya beautiful sister
  5. Da Street So'ja
    Da Street So'ja
    str8 thug
    where you say @ again

    145th st in harlem
    and i thought brooklyn had some thuggy looking females lol


    yo purple don't call your people on me

  6. Da Street So'ja
    Da Street So'ja
    aka Lady Mugshot hahahahahah don't beat me lol :censored:

    yes, you are very beautiful my black QUEEN!
  7. Da Street So'ja
    Da Street So'ja
  8. PurpleMoons
    Thanks for the love fam'ly!:love:

    Uh So'ja! :skillet::tweety::D

  9. Da Street So'ja
    Da Street So'ja
    PurpleThUgZ what up?!
  10. Da Street So'ja
    Da Street So'ja
    i still say foxy brown ain't got nutin' on PurpleThUgZ boyeeee!
  11. soulosophy
    Aww bless...u look like my sister in New York.