08/12/08 - front image, after taking box braids down
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08/12/08 - front image, after taking box braids down
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  2. jamesfrmphilly
    i ain't seen that much hair in years!
  3. tyab14
    Destee you have some beautiful hair, reminds me of my moms.
  4. $$RICH$$
    Now you know i could play in ya hair all day whewwww!!!
  5. Clyde C Coger Jr
    Clyde C Coger Jr
    Believe you me, it is a good thing that you told us about the front image, cause I swear, it was looking like a back image. Girl, I know your head was sore, so much so you started a Thread about it:) Can't many peeps cover their head with hair, Destee. You are some kind of Bless Child. I know they be hating on you. You tickle me about how you clear the sidewalks when you walk around others:)

    Clyde C. Cger, Jr.
  6. HODEE
    Chaka.. baby is that you? love u girl