Paduang people
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Paduang people
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  2. emanuel goodman
    emanuel goodman
    beautiful may u get a bounty of what u seek. hotep maat
  3. SeekingMaat
    thank you, that's my daughter on her travels :) and yes, may we ALL be bountifully blessed :)
  4. Clyde C Coger Jr
    Clyde C Coger Jr

    Your daughter is simply beautiful, I'm sure a chip off the old block, as some say:). I recall when you brought this info to a thread, which shedded great light on the subject.

    Your Friend,

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
    Author, Does Color Matter?
  5. SeekingMaat
    lol thanks Clyde, actually people do say she 'favours' me somewhat lol. She's a wonderful daughter :)