Angela Davis
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Angela Davis
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  2. Destee
    Of course this isn't really a picture of me and my afro ... but instead ... a picture of Angela Davis and her afro.

    But i'm sorta kinda claiming it as mine, for when i cut my hair off, to begin the growing of my afro, i put her picture up ... so my afro would know how i wanted it to grow and look! :D

    It worked! :)

    So i have to keep my Angela Davis Afro Pic close by, as it encourages me even still!


  3. anAfrican
    indeed it did work!

    with this pic in the middle of this FINE album, even knowing that it was angela, i had to look twice to compare the features!!

    how about an "angela davis look-a-like" pose?
  4. Clyde C Coger Jr
    Clyde C Coger Jr
    Ima still canna mad at you about this picture, when I first got here, I asked you, either that is you or Angela, which is it? And I still can't get you to answer a question containing those words:) (which is it?) I be wanting to know, is it real or is it memorex:) Please, don't pay me no mind, just like to have big fun, like, uumm, someone else I know, got any ideas who it is (there them words again, I thot):):):)

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
  5. MsInterpret
    This picture reminds me of my mom when she was in high school...I swear I thought it was my mom for a minute