&amp;quot;Mapingo&amp;quot; Axe Ebony Wood With A Bird<br />
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This is a very unusual axe...
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&quot;Mapingo&quot; Axe Ebony Wood With A Bird

This is a very unusual axe in that it has a removable head (blade). It has a wooden handle, made of ebony wood, inlaid with copper wire and made by the Rangi tribe of central Tanzania. The craftsman carved the handle from a single piece of black, ebony wood, which is an exceptionally hard and richly dark wood found in the borderland strip along the tropical areas in certain sections of Central Africa. The handle of this knife is very unique.

On the bottom half it is carved to portray the head of a Maasai warrior and on the top half, where the blade fits in, it is the carving of a Secretary Bird, which is found in the game parks of Kenya. The blade is steel, which today is made from melted-down springs of old cars and forged by the Chaga people.