what the??? who is this??????, who put this in here??? lol j/k
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what the??? who is this??????, who put this in here??? lol j/k
  1. triniti424
    Sister Siren Sister Siren LOL your name is YOU Girl LOL

    You gon have these brothas up in here causing power surges and stuff

    electrocutin demselves tryna touch the screen :lol:

    Hell if I had em like that :lol: ROFL but I dont hehehe

    Your caption had me crackin up...

    Imma go put a sign in sheet and facilitate the security cause ummm... I can hear em stampeding now lolllll

    Shes a talented poetess AND stacked? :read:

    Go head sister shoo ;)
  2. Siren
    The line STARTS over THERE------------>>>>>> lol ur crazy
  3. phynxofkemet
    This is further proof that we're not all created equal... I'm not mad atcha though, you're beautiful inside and out.. Makes me wonder how these skinny chicks with implants make the most beautiful list, smh
  4. Nasheed
    When I saw this I got thirsty. I dont understand
  5. $$RICH$$
    wowzy whoa ! LQQKin