Mawu / Mami Wata
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Mawu / Mami Wata
  1. jamesfrmphilly
    dis b good stuff
  2. phynxofkemet
    thank you brother James, I am the vessel the Spirit is the creator
  3. Khasm13
    sistaz huggin...
    art at it's best....
  4. phynxofkemet
    LOL the Canadian Artists or the Poor were concerned that unless i said she was wearing a dress, that the exposure of breasts would be offensive to our Canadian market.

    Unless they live in a bubble, I think they see more breasts on primetime and other media sources than they will in my canvas. But I guess some people see what they want and miss the message.

    Or there is the possibility that the message scares some people.

    i call here Mawu, and she is also linked to the Mami Wata deity.