all of us plus some members
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all of us plus some members
  1. epiphany
    :hiya:Wow, yall got some strong genes, the family resemblence is striking. Are these cousins or siblings? Hi True..:hiya:
  2. truetothecause
    Hotep SiS Epophany and Thanks for checking!
    Yes...the one with the baby is a cousin.
    Still..yes DADDY could not deny nar one of us. Interesting enough....that cousin is also my SiSter....
  3. $$RICH$$
    LQQK at the family bond here such a sweet family
  4. truetothecause
    Thanks Brother Rich.....

    I need to say, I'm struggling with the deciding what of the thougths that are coming up right now around this. Many thoughts, flashs of other scenes not documented by the camera. These thoughts were triggered by the words..."family bond", "sweet family"
    A picture can surely worth a thousand words.