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  1. Ms Drea
    Ms Drea lilpea
    how you doing? Been missing you!!
  2. Destee
    Destee NNQueen
    Hi Sister Queenie!!! ... :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: ... :love:
    1. NNQueen
      Heeyyyy Sis! Awww...look at the cute Love you, girl!! Running to an appointment now...I'm late and still at work...grrrrrr
      Feb 26, 2018
  3. cocobutterskyn
    When we are truly grateful, happiness is unavoidable.
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    2. Destee
      This is so true Sister! I was just sharing the same with another Sister recently. Good to see you sharing the wisdom! :D Thanks! :heart:
      Feb 21, 2018
  4. SwtT
    Old Head
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    2. Destee
      Welcome Home Sweetie Pie ... :love:
      Feb 8, 2018
  5. Monetary
    Monetary Destee
    Woman, you're crazy. HAHAHAHAHAHAA
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    2. Destee
      Jan 6, 2018
  6. Monetary
    Monetary Destee

    MrClassAct wants me to give you his cell phone number. How do I get it to you?
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    2. Destee
      Monetary ... Happy New Year ... :love: ... you can private message me MrCLASS's # ... but tell him i said how come he aint send his credit card number ... wassup wit' a dadgum phone number ... don't send me no message ... send me cash ... okay wait ... :love: ... i'll tell him ... :wink: ... I LOVE YOU MONEY!!! ... :kiss:
      Jan 2, 2018
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  7. Ms Drea
    Ms Drea Andrea Jackson
    Welcome to Destee!! Love and Blessings!!
  8. Destee
    Destee Andrea Jackson
    Welcome Welcome Welcome ... :wave:
  9. Destee
    Destee carol waters
    Welcome Welcome Welcome!!! :wave:
  10. Kemetstry
    Kemetstry Asabagna
    ASA!!!! Where you been broski?