What are the premium member features?

Premium Demonstration of Love
• Helping the community provide Free Services to all
• You make it possible that all of us can share here
• The demonstration of love was the only reward
• Giving destee.com a great endorsement
• Being examples our children and all can see
• Willing to put your money where your mouth is
• Opportunity to lead the community by moderating it
Premium Member Thank You Forum

Premium Forum Services
Premium Members Only Forum
• More feature-rich text editor
Additional bbcodes - more info coming soon
• Opportunity to help moderate the community
• View current online activity - even if invisible

Premium ShoutBox Services
• Use persistent message color
• Bypass flood time
• Edit / delete own shout messages

Premium Profile Page Services
• Manage profile posts on own profile

Premium Voice Video Chat
• Opportunity to help moderate chat

Premium Gallery Services
• more info coming soon

Community Moderating Help
• Opportunity to help moderate forums
• Opportunity to help moderate chat
Premium Members Only Forum has more details

Premium Account Services
Change your username
Add a signature to every post you make
• Browse without seeing advertisements
Browse invisibly and see who's online
Home Page Link in posts and on profile
About You - add links, descriptions, etc.
• Combine 2 usernames - contact Destee
Add custom title

Premium Private Conversation Services
• Upload images in conversations
• Hold private conversations with unlimited participants
• Invite participants to the private conversation

Premium Blogs Service
• Upload images with your blog entries

Premium Advertising - Web Site Promotion
Signatures promote your site with every post

Free Web Conferencing Services
• more info coming soon

More to Come! Stay Tuned!
Premium Members
Mar 2, 2014
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