What are the free services?

Free Mission Statement Services
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• Free participation in a 16 year old online home
• Free sharing of respectful opinion, even if no one agrees
• Free hospitality that welcomes you to all we have
• Free access for all willing to engage respectfully
• Free exchange of ideas with others from around the world
• Free wallowing in a peaceful and loving environment
• Free opportunities to sharpen your presentation skills
• Free feedback on respectfully presented topics
• Free wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight
• Free encouragement from others who may understand
• Free and beautiful examples of respectful engagement
• Free engagement with other respectful people
• Free enjoyment that comes from positive interactions
• Free of name calling, cursing, and like behavior
• Free refuge from the drama found around the world
• Free peace, calm, and quiet ... conducive to building
• Free management of all disruptive issues
• Free adult babysitting if you can't manage yourself
• Free banning if necessary
• Free reporting of possible violations / violators
• Free access to site founder just tag @Destee
• Free delivery of all our mission statement entails

Free Forum Services
• Free thread viewing
• Free forum viewing
• Free forum thread creation
• Free forum posting to established threads
• Free forum editing of threads and posts
• Free rating / liking of forum posts
• Free forum uploads with posts
• Free forum viewing of attachments
• Free poll creation
• Free poll voting
Free bbcodes - some only available as Premium
Free smilies / emoticons
Free trophies
• Free email notification for updated threads
• Free forum thread sharing - facebook, twitter, google+
• Free member tagging in posts
• Free watched threads and forums
• Free forum management support
• Free forum message sorting
• Free management of all disruptive issues
• Free mobile device optimization
• Free member search
• Free current members online activity
• Free draft management
• Free ignore and follow functionality
• Free invisible browsing feature
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Free Profile Page Services
• Free profile page
• Free profile page creation
• Free profile page posting
• Free profile page commenting
• Free liking / rating of profile posts
• Free profile page editing
• Free viewing of Member cards
Free Privacy Control - Who Can View Your Profile
• Free member tagging - @Destee - in profile posts
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Free Voice Video Chat Services
• Free audio and video streaming capability - 24/7
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Free Gallery Services
Free gallery viewing
Free gallery category viewing
Free gallery creation
Free gallery playlist
Free gallery view new albums
Free gallery view new photos
Free gallery view new videos
Free gallery view camera types
Free gallery view locations
Free gallery view collections
Free gallery view stream clouds
• Free gallery cover management
• Free gallery organization - move items between albums
Free gallery privacy settings
Free gallery alert settings
• Free gallery uploads
• Free gallery video embedding
• Free liking content in the gallery
• Free galleries
• Free maximum photos per album - unlimited
• Free maximum videos per album - unlimited
• Free maximum photo file size (bytes) - unlimited
• Free maximum photo width (pixel) - unlimited
• Free maximum photo height (pixel) - unlimited
• Free maximum streams per content - unlimited
• Free import of your own threads into an album
• Free deletion of your content (photo/video/comments)
• Free unlimited image uploads and video embeds
• Free uploads of photo file sizes 2MB or less
• Free commenting on galleries, images, and videos
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Free Account Services
• Free registration via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or your email
Free Alerts
Free Alert Management
Free News Feed
Free Follow Members
Free Ignore Members
Free Recent Activity
Free Likes Received
Free Watched Threads
Free Watched Forums
Free Status Updates
Free avatar upload
Free Location Field
Free Occupation Field
Free Contact Details
Free Show / Hide Online Status
• Free Receiving of Site Mailings
Free Date of Birth Privacy
Free Privacy Control - Who Can View Your Profile
Free Privacy Control - Who Can Post Messages on Your Profile
Free Privacy Control - Who Can receive Your News Feed
Free Privacy Control - Who Can Start a Conversation With You
Free Privacy Control - Who can View Your Networking Identities
Free External Account Connections
Free Password Update / Change
Free Time Zone Settings
Free Watched Thread Options
Free Watched Forum Options
Free Rich Text Editor
Free Youtube Video on Your Profile
Free Community Notification and Notices
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Free Private Conversation Services
Free access to private conversations
Free to start private conversation
• Free to receive private conversation
• Free editing of private conversations
• Free maximum conversation recipients - 1
• Free inviting participants to the private conversation
Free opportunity to upgrade for more services!

Free Blogs Service
Free blog viewing
Free blog creation
• Free blog commenting
• Free blog rating / liking
• Free blog unlimited entries
• Free blog editing of entries and titles
• Free attachment uploads to entries
Free blog details personalization
• free forum support
• Free advertising on blogs
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Free Advertising - Web Site Promotion
• Free opportunity to advertise your endeavor (1 time)
• Free to use your Free Blog to advertise aggressively
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Free Web Conferencing Services
• Free access to voice and video chat
• Free access to DesteeLive
• Free access tp DesteeTV
• Free participation in live call-in shows (251) 263-5220
Free opportunity to upgrade for more services!
Free Services
Mar 2, 2014
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