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Brother AACOOLDRE : Sex & Slavery

Discussion in 'AACOOLDRE' started by AACOOLDRE, Aug 21, 2012.

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    AACOOLDRE Well-Known Member MEMBER

    Jul 26, 2001
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    By Andre Austin

    The foundation of the lies and myth from which slavery is justified is based on the so called sexual, lusting, homosexual eyes of Ham looking at the full monty of Noah. In Egyptian mythology the eyes of ham are equated with the black soil that fertilized the land and saves the population from starvation. The Jews reversed this from fertile to barren, castrated and cursed with blackness. The Hebrew writes also used the Ham myth for a geopolitical ulterior motive to take land from the Hyksos who were part of the occupying force of Canaan land.

    I recall reading a prophecy against Egypt and Cush proclaiming they will be prisoners/slaves and be naked. “So the king of Assyria will lead away stripped and barefoot the Egyptian captives and Cushite (Ethiopian) exiles, young and old with buttocks bared to Egypt’s shame”-Isaiah 20:4 the point of this quote is showing the parallel of slavery and nudity. When Egypt first became an dynastic empire it showed a hands tied up nude white man about hit in the head with a mace. For accurate head counts hands and phalluses were cut off.

    The transportation of slaves on ships required all the human cargo to be bare skinned. And of course the rapes began there on the ships. Many of the slave men and women on the auction block had to stand in front of merchants in the buff as is meat in a grocery market.

    From the auction block to the slave cabin and fields to work where they were whipped all through out the day. Here is a typical plantation daily grind taken from the words of a former slave:

    “The overseer led us off to the field with his horn in one hand and his whip in the other. We following-men, women and children, promiscuously-and a wretched looking troop we were. There was not an entire garment among us.

    More than half of the gang was entirely naked. Several young girls who had arrived at puberty, wearing only the livery with which nature had ornamented them, and a great number of lads of an equal or superior age appeared in the same custom”.- To Be A Slave By Julius Lester p.70. Another slave said: He worked us all day without stopping. We went naked, that the way he worked us. We never had any clothes”-Lay my burden down Edited by B.A. Botkin p.86. Now all of these types of customs and practices went on so much that the term “butt [Buck]-naked” started to be applied to black people who had to bend over and pick cotton, tobacco and other goods in the field. Just like buck-dance was applied to slaves so was buck-naked. After reading this I thought I was reading the exact novel from which The Planet of the Apes movie was written.

    The master also made slaves sleep naked in their cabins for various reasons: to cut down on runaways, entice slaves to breed and easily accessible females for rape. The master/overseer loved to humiliate a grown male slave in front of women and children often making them strip naked and beg not to be hit with the cat of nine strings. In one episode a slave reported:

    “If he saw anything that did not suit him he would call up the man in the presence of the women and strip him, whipping him till the blood streaked and then send to the house for salt and water to pour over him”-Slave Testimony edited by John Blassingame p.379. This is where we get the term putting salt in your game to sabotage your aspirations to do something. Slaves kept rabbit’s foot on his person not for studding but for good luck at not getting whipped by their master.

    From 1619-1960’s white males were not held responsible for raping black women. From 1619-1860 whites produced through rape 12% of black population in USA were mulattoes. This was certainly an underestimate because the 1860 census based it just on appearance.-The peculiar Institution By Kenneth Stamp p.351 So this means at least 2 out of every ten black females were raped. This data makes the white man the greatest rapper on the planet because females didn’t have the option to say no. Compare this to the myth of one mythical man name ham looking at Noah naked. If a blackman just looked at a white woman taking a bath or reading one or both eyes were put out, castrated whipped or killed.

    Hollywood has romanticized slavery by having sex and race play a part as if it was a good thing. After the abolition of the slave-trade in 1808 slave breeding became more popular than it already was. White men were encouraged to cohabit with black women. More Mulattoes meant more mammies, concubines, and butlers who fetched a higher price than unmixed blacks of the fields. Also mulatto girls were more in demand than the black girls as prostitutes in Hotels, taverns. The prostitute then , unlike other female slaves could generate 3 income flows from labour, prostitution and reproduction by breeding. Due to the black women high value in money the whiteman set up a matrilineal system that subjected men as boys and out of the equation of the black family that still continues today.

    Due to all of this slave breeding and mixing whites were able to use this to divide/conquer the slaves up into categories of special treatment of lightskinned over dark skinned. The list goes as thus: The mulatto was the offspring of a whiteman and black lady; the mulatto and black produced a Sambo, from the mulatto and white came the quadroon, from the quadroon and white the mustee; the child of a mustee by a white man was called a musteefino. During slavery times all the above categories were used against eachother in one big color game to divide and conquer. The mythical fabrication of Willie Lynch can be found in the memos of FBI director Hoover and even Napoleon who hated the blacks uniting together with the mulatoes to free Haiti. Napoleon wanted the whites and mulattoes to come together to enslave blacks in Haiti. But due to the high immunity of blacks to yellow fever the whites died of it and gave an edge in winning the war. Voodoo played no role. However the mulattoes now run Haiti and export reparations to the French.

    Garvey’s doctrine of Race first was severely tested by the presence within the race of large numbers of persons of mixed African and Caucasian origin. He called it a three-tiered caste system. Black during Garvey era did form blue vein societies in many US cities. There is a movement now to get blacks to submit DNA kits so they can find out what place in West Africa. Celebrities historians like Henry gates are helping to promote this but for another reason. Gates is married to a whitewoman and just want to show blacks how mixed up their blood is. I’ve written him to ask he include more science in The Norton Anthology of African-American Lit., since he’s the General Editor. He responded indirectly by science is in it with his DNA studies of our family trees. Our mixed blood isn’t a celebration of rape of our ancestors.

    Sex played a prominent role in slavery. From the story of Ham, whiteman’s lust and the economic incentive to be as nasty as they could be. Sex was money and money was sex. Today we have evolve into repeating the customs and practices of slavery. We went from clean elaborate dance routines to now just shaking the buttocks up and down in the air. Rich black entertainers tend to be more parasitical and destructive to our own race. Take for example the lunatic singer Ericka Badu running down Elm street in Dallas butt-naked for a video shoot. School boards around the nation allowing girls to wear see through leggings and yoga pants ,without covering the butt, in classrooms with no underwear or thongs on. The more a women covers up the more I’m attracted to her but that’s just my personal taste.

    Sex & slavery lets look at in in real terms, real talk and a real reality.

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    Moon Child

    Moon Child Well-Known Member MEMBER

    Aug 13, 2012
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    Very interesting perspectives in this writing. With what little bit I know, I have to agree. For all I didn't know about in correlation to what we experience today, my head is still spinning. Wow.

    One thing though, I have to say respectively that VODOU played a HUGE part in the Haitian's winning the war for Haiti. :jumping: It scared the mess out of the oppressors...

    Shikamaru Well-Known Member MEMBER

    May 7, 2011
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    Sex slavery particularly of women is older than even chattel slavery.
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    Shikamaru Well-Known Member MEMBER

    May 7, 2011
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    Psychological warfare.
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    Khasm13 STAFF STAFF

    Mar 26, 2003
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    this essay made my blood boil a lil....smh
    the past still stings when i look at the present and we still act like slaves...willingly

    one love
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    Kemetstry going above and beyond PREMIUM MEMBER

    Feb 19, 2001
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    Please show where Ham was gay. I think you have misinterpreted that scriptural text completely


    candeesweet Well-Known Member MEMBER

    Aug 20, 2010
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    How do I put this in words
    Without enteracting my feelings in this?
    Because it's all pretty much facts
    But my perspective comes from how I feel about this.
    I am involved in all ways.

    Sex and Slavery
    Can not be disconnected now.
    For one simple analogy
    "It's put out their in the atmosphere as so."
    Same situation still
    Rather field or workplace
    "Do I discharge on my counterpart for looking different?"
    Well that's what I'm told to do.
    There's a word for that they call it "hating"!
    Ok let's get to the facts of built up interactions.
    No certificate needs to be bought
    Just a continious rumor around.
    How to interact
    Through now social media
    Then face to face
    "Those folks w/ no cloths are treated like beast"
    Rumor that circulated from within' the African
    while blood was being lost
    It is got to be hard.
    So why do we continue the studied rehearsed militant hateful rumor with our kids.
    Cloths are things folks.
    Hate is an emotion our body can control from within for ourselves
    So you say where are the facts?
    We are still stuck now mentally
    Physically at the workplace.
    We have to continue to live dispairingly for the sake
    of the boss that began roomin' w/ us then.
    She's different than you
    So always know
    You have your place.
    My perspective is
    We know the ultiment winner
    Disincorporates the enemy
    We are still dissing one another in "front of the enemy"
    While trying to save for some
    PRADA clothing.
    Then the dissing
    As:hearts2:kissing continues
    As a place to be in.
    As to know about where (DNA) Direct Naval Aviation
    Comes from to bring us back together again
    For the win.
    This being solid proof of our culture built around.
    So do we own it or give it up
    Depends on the perception at the time.
    Things have no abilities
    Your inner emotions are in charge.
    Hate now if you want to in the US of A
    in order
    For us to come around once again.
    Yes shake them dreads!
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