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Black Women : 10 Best Cities for Black Women

Discussion in 'Black Women - Mothers - Sisters - Daughters' started by noor100, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Shanai

    Shanai Guest

    DC is TRAGIC for dating! Black men be on that ************! They think because they have a decent job and are outnumbered by so many desperate BW that they can act up and have their pick of the litter. Truthfully...they can! The only men who act like they know how to treat a woman have no teeth and no job! Ugh! Who wants that??! DC is a great place to make money and be LONELY in your house with it.
  2. lish

    lish Guest

    No, I live in Norfolk and everywhere I turn, men are with other races (not black women), this is not the place for black women to live.
  3. Big E

    Big E Guest

    I'm originally from Southern California, and I've been living in Seattle for almost 16 years. It definitely has its pros and cons. As one of the young ladies mentioned, it does seem like 99% of the Black men up here date only white women. However, it seems like most of the white women up here are only interested in dating Black Men, it's quite profound. And by the way, I'm a Black Man that is very well traveled, and I have never been to a place like Seattle. Although I exclusively date Black women, I hate say that a lot of the sistas up here suffer from deep depression and/or bipolar symptoms, or it seems like they try to run game(Keep in mind that Seattle has a very DEEP history of prostitution as it is accepted and more women than one think up here participate in such practice). In addition, the weather is gloomy around 250-300 days out of the year! But aside from all that date, I would have to admit that Seattle/Tacoma, Washington is a GREAT place for Black Women to succeed! This environment is EXTREMELY Matriarch, and if any SISTA has any kind of ambition they will get their money up here! Guarantee! And if you happen to find a good man that is as ambition as you are, the sky's the limit! I have to admit that there is a LOT of money up here! Also, another little tidbit, If you are a gay/bisexual woman than Seattle is your Mecca! Trust me on that!

    However, it is boring up here and times, and the people are not the friendliest people you will ever meet, and they tend to be on that bull for some reason. But as I explaned earlier Seattle has its pros and cons. lol

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