1. ♥ Thank You Family - for sharing yourself with us all these many years - sixteen of them. I am honored.

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Apr 22, 2014 at 10:43 AM
May 11, 2006
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Apr 22, 2014 at 10:43 AM
    1. $$RICH$$
      Congratulation brother 2010 starting off right lyrically for you in all honors poeticly
      as i send my hand to befriends
      I wish you much greatness man !!!!
    2. Destee
      :hearthis: Congratulations January 2010 Premium Membership Winners! - Brother Rhymebad (Poetry) - Brother London (Chat) - Sister BlkButterFly41 (Discussions) - Brother Keita (Friday Night Poetry ThrowDown!) :flowers: :birthday: :flowers:
      Do you have an E-mail?
    4. Astrologer4U
      Rhymebad, I just wanted to let you know that I see how hard you have been working to produce your poetry. Keep up the good work.


    5. $$RICH$$
      Hey bruh just droppin in to say hello and much brotherly love and peace .....i'll holla !!!
    6. sweet apple*pie
      sweet apple*pie
      Rhymebad...if you can prove to me that you are worthy enough to be taken of my ignore list, I may actually humor your commentary...but since the probability of that happening is slimmer than Satan moving to Alaska, then I wont be entertaining your thoughts on any of my threads.
    7. HODEE
      She took care of me. She employed again.
    8. HODEE
      Catching things in flux
      Life is in flux

      I am online now talking with my attorney. Talk about non-cooperation. She Fired!
    9. Clyde C Coger Jr
      Clyde C Coger Jr

      Your last post to Break Me Oh Lord, interests me and I had a question which I asked inside the thread, however, the starter of the thread desires we take our discussion elsewhere, when you return, you will pick up on this in the thread.........Peace,

      Your Friend..........Clyde
    10. sweet apple*pie
      sweet apple*pie
      Brother rymbad....pardon me, but i dont think you are playing with a full deck of cards, bruh. I have watched your movement, and I must say it has been an irritating view.

      There is a little thing called ettiquette. We are all adults on this forum, and especially here in the poetry lab. We have great admiration and respect for one another as creative artists...I am insulted for the comments you have made towards me, and especially towards foreva-luv here, with your audacity to question her esteem. Rich has gained the respect of the ladies here, my friend. You have not.

      Your comments are disturbing the peace. You have also made rude references on me and my work as well, and as of yesterdays date, I chose to "step over" you. But your mouth is bit of a disaster.

      This flow is to give honor to the men of destee....their are plenty of times in which the woman, the queens are honored, and our men here do an excellent job at caring for us. We are able to reside peacefully with one another, because we have gained one anothers respect. Your respect has not been gained as of yet, and I would suggest you check yourself. We have no problems up here in the poetry lounge, and we aren't going to start any. So I would appreciate if you would keep your mouth off of things you know nothing about.
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