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Keita Kenyatta
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Jan 24, 2015 at 2:31 PM
Feb 7, 2004
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Keita Kenyatta

going above and beyond, Male


Anytime We as a People are Not Having Our Way, Somebody else is having theirs...and it's usually to our detriment!! Mar 20, 2014

Keita Kenyatta was last seen:
Jan 24, 2015 at 2:31 PM
    1. Keita Kenyatta
      Keita Kenyatta
      The best way to see if you need self improvement is to honestly ask yourself; "If you were the opposite sex, would you marry you"?
    2. Keita Kenyatta
      Keita Kenyatta
      Doing What We've Always Done Will Get Us What We've Always Got!!
    3. Ms Drea
      Ms Drea
      Love & Blessings, Brother Keita!! :heart:
    4. Each1teach1
      Hi, how are you. I really like your videos and the info you shared. Im really interested in where I can find more info about the woman being first on earth. I put it in the search engines but its not turning up much, other than a few science articles from the networks. Is there a book that I can get that is well researched and goes indepth about it?
    5. Feather
    6. Sekhemu
      If I haven't already done so, I want to offer you my condolences.
    7. Destee
      :hearthis: Congratulations January 2010 Premium Membership Winners! - Brother Rhymebad (Poetry) - Brother London (Chat) - Sister BlkButterFly41 (Discussions) - Brother Keita (Friday Night Poetry ThrowDown!) :flowers: :birthday: :flowers:
    8. MRS. LADY
      MRS. LADY
      are you ready to talk about what a "million-aire" is yet???????????

      one love :)
    9. Jean Kent
      Jean Kent
      I wrote to several manager in this group and can't seem to get a reply I want my membership to this group cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10. MRS. LADY
      MRS. LADY
      Hey Br. Keita,

      sorry i miss'd ur earthday.... 08131975 my son's father's b-day... ryan(little king) born 090701 .. he eight now :)

      love you!
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